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Overcome the Challenges of Cancer Care

When a diagnosis topples your life, you can identify those factors you can control in order to pursue the best care possible.

Planned for release June 2020!

Pre-order from Rowman & Littlefield here:

The ABC's of what you should know when diagnosed with cancer. Dr.Rosenberg does a great job of providing information that patients should know when confronting a cancer diagnosis: what is important, what to ask your doctors, how to start to understand this complex disease.

—Randall J. Kimple, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Human Oncology, Director of Cancer Biology and Translational Medicine, University of Wisconsin

As a public librarian and cancer survivor, I have found this book to be a valuable resource for those diagnosed with cancer and their loved ones. It distills the daunting amount of information into easily readable and tangible concepts.

—Carra Davies, Librarian, Madison Public Library

There were so many questions when I was diagnosed with cancer. Dr. Rosenberg's book would have been a life raft in a sea of uncertainty. His helpful and informative book provides insight, clarity and relief in a time of great distress.

—Lori J. Kayser, CEO, Coming Together Against Cancer, Co-founder, Team Tony Cancer Foundation, Leadership and Cancer Coach

Concise. Easy to read. Dr. Rosenberg has made the definitive guide for cancer patients.

—Michael F. Bassetti, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Human Oncology, University of Wisconsin

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